Thursday, 15 November 2012 11:44

PPI Claims Scam Warning!

UK Money Solutions have observed reports by newspapers such as the Daily Mail recently that have uncovered serious malpractice in the claims management industry currently taking place and are urging potential claimants of mis-sold payment protection insurance to be extra diligent before handing over sensitive details such as credit card details if they have been contacted out of the blue.

According to reports, many people across the UK are being cold called by companies promising that they will make ppi claims for them but, unlike most professional claims management companies such as UK Money Solutions, these fims are not offering a no-win no-fee service but are asking for upfront fees instead.

Most of the recipients of these bogus PPI claiming calls are telling the companies politely to 'get lost', however there are a number of victims falling prey to the slick and polished telephone canvassing techniques being deployed, and unfortunately handing over their credit card details there and then. Reports suggest that people are being asked to hand over anything from £50 to £600 and either keeping the money when the the PPI claim is unsuccessful or in some of the worst cases not even making the claim at all.

There are a number of things that consumers who are considering reclaiming PPI through a claims management company can do to ensure they will receive a decent service from a fit and proper company: 

Firstly - all claims management companies must be regulated by the claims regulator in order to be trading legally. To double check this, go to the claims regulation site and carry out an 'authorised business search.'

Secondly - ask if they are genuinely 'no-win no-fee' and also is there a minimum charge (IE some companies will charge a minimum of up to £99+vat even if your total refund is less than this amount) - and double check these details on their contract before signing.

Thirdly - do not give out your credit card or debit card details on the initial call no matter what excuse they use to try to get you to hand them over. There is no need to provide any details other than the reference numbers for the agreements that you are claiming PPI back from - and you can provide these details when you fill in your claim forms, not at the time of the sales call.

If you are worried or concerned, please call UK Money Solutions on 08000 748 059 and we can explain exactly how to go about reclaiming your mis-sold PPI on a genuinely no-win no-fee basis. We will never ask for any upfront fees whatsoever. Click HERE to claim today.

UKMS Money Solutions Ltd T/A UK Money Solutions are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of claims management activities (CRM26720) Its registration is recorded on the website

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