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Debt consolidation is usually the first option considered when people are facing issues regarding debt. If you can wrap up all your credit cards, loans and catalogues into one affordable repayment, it may ease your cash-flow problems and make your general living expenses that much easier to afford.


UK Money Solutions are a UK debt consolidation company. We offer debt consolidation services where we can assess your needs and find the right lender to help with your situation. Simply fill in the form below and we will contact you within 24hrs to let you know if a debt consolidation loan is a possible solution that best suits your needs.


If you’re looking for debt consolidation loans – bad credit may not be the end of the world (for example - if you have had defaults or missed payments in the past). We may even be able to assist you if you’re looking for car finance, personal loans, unsecured loans, payday loans or other types of borrowing. Simply tell us your details in the form below and we’ll let you know if we can help within 24hrs.


  • Can solve a debt problem early without resorting to a more serious debt solution
  • Can be used for debt settlement and won’t affect your credit rating like a traditional debt solution could
  • You may be able to borrow enough to clear existing debt AND have some left over for home improvements or to purchase a new car
  • You may be able to borrow at a lower interest rate than you’re currently paying


  • Could extend the term of repayment
  • Borrowing more could be storing up problems for the future
  • A secured consolidation loan (eg re-mortgage) means securing previously unsecured debt against your home
  • You could end up paying a higher interest rate


There are a number of options to consider when consolidating debts. The most popular debt consolidation method is to take out a larger loan that pays off all of your existing credit commitments and leaves you with one affordable and manageable monthly payment. A debt consolidation loan can be in the form of a bankconsolidating debts loan, personal loan, unsecured loan or a secured loan.

UK Money Solutions are in partnership with a leading debt consolidation UK company who are in contact with all lenders across the country, so you can be assured we will source the best debt consolidation services for you. The process is relatively straightforward and completely without obligation. You simply tell us how much you are looking to borrow, we take some initial details, our debt consolidation services provider contacts you to advise accordingly, and an offer is made which you can choose to accept or reject. Call 08000 748 059 to make an enquiry or click HERE to apply online.


It could make sense to consolidate your debts by taking out a remortgage if this suits your situation. For example, with interest rates at an historic low (correct as of January 2013) then consumers can save thousands in interest by consolidating high-interest credit cards, store cards, overdrafts and payday loans. However, these forms of debt consolidation services means that you would be transferring previously unsecured debts into debt that is secured against the family home so the advice is to think carefully before going ahead. The debt consolidation company who works in partnership with UK Money Solutions will be able to provide best advice in this area to help you make your decision. We have had numerous clients who have decided that re-mortgaging to consolidate their debts has been their preferred option after talking with the specialist loan brokers that work alongside UK Money Solutions. Call 08000 748 059 now to see if this option suits you or click HERE to apply online.


Other debt consolidation services that are popular include switching your credit card balance from one provider to another in order to take advantage of ‘introductory rates’ and balance transfer bonuses. This form of consolidating is not available to everybody however – only those who have a high enough credit score to satisfy the lenders debt consolidation criteria. You can make huge savings by consolidating this way, especially if your credit card has a high balance and carries a typical credit card APR of between 14-20%. Our debt consolidation partners will be able to explain this service in more detail or discuss other options if this does not meet your requirements. Call 08000 748 059 now to see if this option suits you or click HERE to apply online.


Looking for debt consolidation UK? One call to us and we will begin work immediately to find the right option for you. As a leading debt consolidation company, we have access to almost every UK lender through our trusted consolidation loan partners who will contact you at your convenience – morning, afternoon or evening. Consolidating can mean avoiding a potential debt problem before things get out of hand, it can help bring payments under control and avoid affecting your credit rating like a debt management plan or IVA, and it is the option most people tend to consider first.

With UK Money Solutions there is no obligation, no pushy salespeople, and you won’t pay us any fees upfront for making an enquiry about consolidating your debts by using our debt consolidation services. Call 08000 748 059 today or click HERE to apply online.


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