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The banks have already paid out Billions in order to compensate innocent victims for the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance. The banks have been increasing the amount of money put aside for years now as more and more people learn of the scandal and make a claim. UK Money Solutions can help you reclaim mis-sold PPI even if you have forgotten your account numbers, mis-placed the paperwork or if you’re unsure as to whether you have a valid claim or not.

  • Taken out a loan or credit card in the last 10-15 years?
  • Even old agreements that are paid off still qualify
  • PPI was mis-sold if you didn’t ask for it, didn’t need it or didn’t want it
  • Claim against credit cards, loans, secured loans, mortgages, store cards
  • Check today for peace of mind – did the bank add it without your knowledge?
  • No win no fee – if your claim is unsuccessful you pay us nothing

Claiming is easy! Simply fill in the 20 SECOND claim form below:

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